Prayer Times

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 4:58 5:30
Sunrise 6:25
Zuhr 1:17 1:40
Asr 5:07 5:45
Magrib 8:13 8:18
Isha 9:37 10:00
Jumuah Time: 1:30pm | 2:45pm | 3:45pm

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Space Limitations

Due to one of the steps in the construction which is now underway, there will be very limited space inside the building and this situation is expected to last for a few weeks.  Although this affects daily activities, the greatest impact will be for Jumu'ah.  We wanted to inform you in case you wish to make alternate arrangements for Jumu'ah.  We hope to be back to normal capacity in a few weeks, IN SHAA ALLAH and we will inform you once the situation is back to normal.

We understand that this is inconvenient but it is necessary to keep the construction going.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.


The Construction area is now completely closed off and fenced-in, including our main entrance.  Please do not use the main entrance as it is for Contractors only and do not walk into the construction area. 

For parking, please use the new 2nd entrance that has been opened to the west end of the property. 

The temporary parking area and pedestrian access to the Masjid is shown on the following diagram:


Tests And Their Benefits | Sat Sept 15th after Magrib Salah | Malik Clare

Tests And Their Benefits 
By Malik Clare
Saturday September 15th after Magrib Salah

Alhamduli Allah, we are very pleased to have Malik Clare joining us to deliver a very important lecture on Saturday September 15th after Magrib Salah.

Please view the flyer below for more information and please join us with your friends and family insha Allah.

Masjid al-Farooq Islamic Centre

Tests And Their Benefits by Malik Clare