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Prayer Times

Azaan Iqama
Fajar 5:56 6:15
Sunrise 7:20
Zuhr 12:04 1:00
Asr 2:28 3:00
Magrib 4:52 4:57
Isha 6:12 7:30
Jumuah Time: 11:45am | 12:45pm | 1:45pm

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Due to the Phase 2 construction that is now underway, we can no longer accommodate any Salah al-Jumu’ah outside (effective immediately).  Of course, the building will be open during the construction and we will continue to have all salah inside the building, In Shaa Allah. 

We have tried our best to provide outside accommodation for many years but now almost the entire site is under construction and therefore there is no space for any salah outside.  Furthermore, we have been unable to find any alternate place for jumu’ah within a reasonable distance.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note that we will continue to have THREE jumuah times:  11:45am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, to help accommodate as many brothers and sisters as we can, In Shaa Allah.



Please ensure that you specify the following for your Udhiya:

  • TYPE (Goat, Sheep, Lamb or Cow)

Please see our flyer below inshaAllah.

How to purchase your Zabiha / Udhiya / Qurbani ONLINE
You may purchase your Zabiha/Udhiya/Qurbani right away by clicking the “Donate Now button and receiving your income tax receipt instantly by email). Please select #7 “Zabiha/Udhiya” and in the “Message/instructions” please specify country, number of shares, and type of Udhiya (goat, sheep, lamb or cow share).

You may also purchase your Zabiha/Udhiya/Qurbani by Cash, Cheque, Debit, and Credit Card at the Masjid.
To get directions to the Masjid, please click here